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Feds Call In The Cops On Medicare Card Dark Web Scandal

After initially running quiet on the issue of Medicare cards being marketed on the “dark Web”, the Turnbull Government has decided to call in the cops.

Human Services Minister Alan Tudge earlier this week was playing it cool, saying that only Medicare numbers were leaked and these alone could not be used to access health records. “Anybody who suggests otherwise is irresponsible and is fear-mongering,” Tudge said.

But yesterday the Australian Police (AFP) said it had launched a serious investigation into the issue, and – fear-mongering or not – Tudge had changed his tune, saying any unauthorised access to Medicare card numbers is a matter of “great concern”.

The AFP would say only that it is evaluating a referral from Tudge’s Department of Human Services.

Labor was meanwhile cashing in on the turnaround. Linda Burney accused the Government of incompetent handling of the Internet while acting Labor leader Tanya Plibersek described it as an “Internet catastrophe”.

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