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Facebook Called To Help Aussie Government

The Morrison Government is looking to set up a nationwide mentoring program – hopefully with help from Facebook and Google – to help small business owners use digital technology to  transform and grow their business, Small-Business Minister Michaela Cash has announced.

According to Cash, the Small Business Digital Champions Project will “create relatable, real-time case studies to inspire and inform small business owners across Australia about how to go digital”.

To help the idea get some traction, Cash said that, from early next year, 100 small businesses will be chosen to receive a digital transformation push, valued at up to $20,000. The funding will be delivered via hardware, software and digital skills training, she said.

And that’s not all. Some 15 of the 100 businesses will be selected to become “Digital Champions”, undergoing the transformation in the public spotlight.

Odd touch: Facebook and Google – both currently under investigation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission – are said to be among the planned corporate partners for the Digital Champions event.