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OLED Retaliation: Now Samsung Sue LG

OLED Retaliation: Now Samsung Sue LG

According to YonYap news agency, the  world’s No 1 maker of LCDs, Samsung, is accusing bitter rival LG Display of violating seven of its patents relating to organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel technology, tipped as the next big thing in the TV industry.

The claim was filed with a local intellectual property tribunal, with Samsung claiming seven patents held by LG Display are “invalid as they lack innovation,” the report states.

The claims appear to be Samsung’s retaliation after fellow Korean rival LG accused it of stealing seven ‘advanced’ OLED company technologies for replication on Galaxy tablets and smartphones in September.

The seven OLED patents LG claimed had been stolen by Samsung related to panels, driver circuitry and device design, and sought to ban the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy S III, Tab 7.7 and Note in South Korea.

Samsung was due to release its first OLED smart TV around Christmas time, while LG released its first Ultra High Definition TV (UHD TV) with 3,840 x 2,160 resolution last month.

LG and Samsung have an ongoing case in the Australian courts over claims on 3D screen technology.

OLED works without a backlight and achieves a higher contrast ratio, brightness and slimmer design than a LCD TV.