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GoPro Introduces New Hero4 Features

GoPro Introduces New Hero4 FeaturesAmong the new features, GoPro has introduced time-lapse video mode for both the Black and Silver, providing for the capture of time-lapse videos automatically, with no post-production needed.

Other features include 30/6 burst photo, capturing 30 photos in six seconds, while auto-rotate automatically adjusts capture orientation to the right-side up when the camera is mounted upside down.

Add HiLight tags during playback allows for the marking of key moments while recording video, and playing back content, on the built-in touch display, designed to quickly find highlights for editing and sharing.

Meanwhile, for the Hero4 Black, GoPro has introduced 720p 240 fps video, for “liquid-smooth slow-motion playback”, and 2.7K 60 fps video.

Updates can be run via the GoPro app on mobile devices or by visiting here.