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EXCLUSIVE: Electric Ducati Scooters Set To Be Sold At The Good Guys

Fancy a ride on a sleek looking Ducati, now you can if you shop at The Good Guys or Retravision.

Days after Harley Davidson announced a new electric bike, we can exclusively reveal that Sydney based distributors IQU Group is now bringing in slick looking Ducati Urban e-Mobility PRO-1 EVO electric scooters to take on Chinese brands such as Segway and Xiaomi sold by Chinese run distributor Panmi.

The bikes will initially be available at The Good Guys, Retravision and online.

IQ is a new distribution Company established by former Alcatel and TCL Communications senior executives Sam Skontos, Paul Lakkis & Arnaud Abad.The Ducati Urban e-Mobility PRO-1 EVO will be available for purchase at $899 from The Good Guys & Retravision stores and online from end September 2021.

It’s the first electric scooter in a new Ducati Urban e-Mobility range that has connected technology.

The style is that of the classic Italian Ducati, sleek smart, strong impressive lines and mudguards that make the scooter look the part.

Described as ideal for going to work, school or taking a ride to the shops it’s designed to be light so that one can easily pack it away in a car or when on public transport, The folding system is cutting edge.

It has 8.5″ wheels with inner air tubes, and dual brakes (rear disc and electric front), that deliver greater riding comfort, while the high-visibility front and rear LED lights enhance safety at night.

Sam Skontos said that “The IQU Vision is to bring smart devices and services to the Oceania mass market including the Pacific Islands and New Zealand by partnering with like-minded high quality & innovative companies that can enrich our customers lives and enable them to live a fulfilled & connected life”.

An app that is available to download for the Ducati scooters allow one to do the following functions.

• Register and access all your Ducati Urban e-Mobility products in “My Garage”
• Save your e-scooter’s parking position
• Monitor the battery charge level
• Enable or disable the Cruise Control function
• Select the 3 speed limits
• Check the speed level
• Plan your route and find directions through Google Maps or iOS Maps
• Monitor the partial and total distance travelled
• Record your rides and the distance travelled
• Share your rides with your friends
• Switch on the lights
• Lock the vehicle when you left it unattended
• Check the errors on the vehicle
• Receive notices on check-ups

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