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Exclusive: Qualifi Realignment Sees Wireworld Move To Canohm

Hi-fi distributor Qualifi has realigned its AV offering, transfering the distribution rights for cable brand Wireworld to competitor Canohm.

According to managing director Michael Henriksen, “QualiFi’s business has changed over the past few years and with the imminent introduction of the Klipsch brand who has owned Jamo since 2005 we acknowledge that we are not the doing full justice to some of our smaller brands like Wireworld.”

He says that Canohm is “a long standing and highly respected distributor, who we always have had a fine working relationship with.”

“We have enjoyed working with Wireworld over the past 4 years since we took over the distribution from APG. However, in the hands of Canohm we are certain that the Wireworld brand will be even better supported and promoted, and we wish to congratulate Canohm with the distribution rights to the fine Wireworld brand and wish them all the best for the future.”

In a notice addressed to Qualifi dealers, he indicated that the company have transferred their entire stock of Wireworld products to Canohm and that the distributor will be taking over fulfillment responsibilities for the brand from today.

Henriksen assured dealers that Canohm will be Canohm will “continue the same pricing structure you have become accustomed to, so this should ensure an almost seamless change in the supply chain.”

The move comes following Qualifi’s appointment as the new distributor of Klipsch within Australia.

Speaking to ChannelNews, Henriksen reiterated the company’s commitment and focus on its core brands and insisted that the loss of Wireworld would be “beneficial to all stakeholders” and was done “with the blessing of Wireworld’s management in Florida.”

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