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EXCLUSIVE: Hisense OLED TV’s “Overpriced” Claim Retailers

Hisense who are at the centre of a CES media dispute, made no mention of an OLED TV range at their CES press conference, is now spruiking five OLED TV models to Australian retailers.

The only problem is, according to leading Australian retailers that have been approached to sell the new models is that they are “overpriced”.

The Hisense branded OLED TV’s that feature LG made OLED TV panels are said to be even more expensive that LG OLED TV’s currently being sold in Australia according to retailers that ChannelNews has spoken to at CES.

Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia, who has also found himself at the centre of a dispute with media organisations, after he invited a journalist from IDG to be a guest of Hisense at CES, only to rescind the offer at the eleventh hour, after he found that he could take a journalist who writes for the Sydney Morning Herald, has not commented about the pricing of the new Hisense OLED TV’s or the way that he dumped one journalist for another.

the journalist in question who did attend CES as a guest of another vendor, chose to attend the TCL press conference as opposed to the Hisense event which was shambles after the President of Hisense delivered a rambling 8-minute speech in Chinese.

Iannuzzi who is on his second PR Company in 14 months has a reputation for not returning calls and “demanding” only “positive” PR for the Chinese Company whose reputation is on the line in the USA where the Company has been accused in a recent court case of delivering “shoddy” TV’s

Currently Sharp is suing Hisense, claiming the company is putting its name on low quality TVs.

Hisense new Laser TV box, big and bulky

At CES the Company also introduced a 150″ Laser TV which looks big and ugly when compared with a sleek new 150″ LF Laser TV offering.

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