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EXCLUSIVE: Foxtel To Launch New iQ5 With SmartHouse Controls

Foxtel is set to launch a new iQ5 high performance box that houses a new framework that allows for better streaming, free TV, and voice control as well as smarthouse control.

The product developed by Commscope will put Foxtel in a leading position to deliver all the content Australians want according to sources including live TV, OTT, and on-demand with a consistent experience, including voice-enabled search that works across all media sources.

The new box is believed to have no built-in hard drive with users offered storage options that allows them to attach drives or SD cards to the new iQ5.

The Foxtel iQ5 media device (SMD) developed by Commscope, combines the most important devices in the traditional connected home—set-top, including smart speaker, visual smart assistant, IoT hub and remote control—into a small footprint single device that houses a powerful processor.

The big benefit to Foxtel is that they can lower their operational iQ box costs due to the introduction of a new iQ box framework that will allow the News Corp managed network to deliver personalised and aggregated services in entertainment, home control, e-health, education, utilities, productivity, and new channels of information.

The box is small compared to prior Foxtel iQ boxes and is being developed by Commscope who in 2019, acquired Networking Company Arris and Ruckus.

The combined companies deliver an extensive technology partner for Foxtel who recently hired a new chief customer, marketing, and revenue officer in Hilary Perchard, following Kieren Cooney’s departure to TPG Telecom after more than two years in the role.

According to sources the new box will have far-field microphones and speakers that support voice activated services such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, and enhanced 4K display technology capability due to the use of a premium process which ChannelNews believes is a quadcore processor with 16GB of memory.

It will also be able to deliver UltraHD content with a wide colour gamut, higher frame rates and High Dynamic Range (HDR)

The iQ5 could come in anyone of the above contempory concept designs.

as well as improved surround sound.

Foxtel will also distribute a new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) remote control that allow the set-top to be completely hidden from sight.
It will support higher efficiency video encoding, including HEVC and VC-1, to reduce network bandwidth demands allowing for faster streaming of content.

The device can also become the service centre for the connected home allowing for the management of home IoT services such as lighting and heating as well as security cameras.

Service providers can become aggregators of voice-visual services in the home, such as e-health, home security, education, and other home-oriented services.

ChannelNews believes that Foxtel could integrate new Google TV features into their future offerings.

More to follow.

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