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EXCLUSIVE: Former Senior Hisense Executive Facing $3M Criminal Trial Next Year

A former senior executive of Hisense Australia who was accused of obtaining a $3M financial advantage by deception is set to go on trial early in the new year in the Victorian County Court

58-year-old Afroditi Myron, the former Hisense Customer Service Manager who worked for the Chinese Company for nine years  has been accused of stealing over $3M dollars by Hisense management, she was originally charged with 42 offences.

Picture shows Myron Aphrodite former Hisense Service Manager

She is facing a lengthy prison term if convicted.

The story was originally exposed by ChannelNews after we obtained internal Hisense documents.

The documents which were presented at a Hisense global conference, to discuss rampant corruption at the Chinese Company’s subsidiaries, including Australia, claimed  Aphrodite (wrong spelling of name), “Counterfeited consumer complaints, fabricated and tampered with CRM system records, invented fictitious compensation amounts and took advantage of her position to collect consumer compensation from the Company over a six-year period.”

The document went on to claim, “The number of payments involved exceeded 1,200 and the amount of the fraud was as high as $3.37M.”

Several Civil charges bought by Hisense have since been withdrawn.

Earlier this year the accused who was charged by detectives at Knox Police station sold her home for $880,000 and is now residing at Parker Court Roxburgh in Victoria.

The case in the Victorian County Court is set to go ahead on the 15th of February according to documents obtained from the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

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