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Bluetooth 4.1 Released

Bluetooth 4.1 Released The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has released Bluetooth 4.1, which builds on the current low-power consumption model to produce data that’s more visible on mobile devices.

The new version is expected to play a major part in implementation and development of the Internet of Things, according to Errett Kroeter, director of global industry and brand marketing for the Bluetooth SIG.
Improvements over 2010’s Bluetooth Smart release are said to include the ability for bulk data transfers between Bluetooth devices using the low-energy feature.
Kroeter foresees the technology being used to easily transmit data serially, in real time, in smart homes, smartwatches, heart monitors, and fitness equipment.
A key change in Bluetooth 4.1 is said to be the ability for devices to simultaneously act as a sensor and hub device, much as a smartwatch would.