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Epson Scoops Up Eight Good Design Awards 2018

Epson has won a 2018 Good Design Award for a total of eight designs, including three for projectors, four for printers, and one for a scanner.

The winning projector was the EV-100 which Epson says was specifically designed for lighting or video performances of products or exhibits in shopping centres and museums, offering a clean design.

Judges agreed, saying “These projectors, with their rounded design, are both distinctive and attractive.” Highlighting what they referred to as the “thorough simplicity of the form”.

The A4-sized monochrome inkjet printers PX-S170UT/PX-S170T feature a compact design with a simple exterior which the judges say address annoying issues of spills, messes, and ink end messages with its one-touch replacement feature offering “strong support for your everyday printing needs”.

Judges gave Epson scanners (ES-60WW/ES-60WB) “high marks for portability” highlighting their small size which they reckon would increase work efficiency and productivity outside of the office.

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