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Epic Urges Court To Lift “Dark Cloud” Of Apple App Dominance

Epic Games has asked a federal appeals court to life the “dark cloud” that is Apple’s control of its mobile app store.

The latest chapter in the long-running court saga comes after a lower-court judge in September ruled Apple’s App Store rules and restrictions aren’t antitrust violations. Epic believes this decision was wrong.

Apple is confident that September’s ruling will be upheld.

“In its ruling last year, the district court confirmed that Apple is not a monopolist in any relevant market and that its agreements with app developers are legal under antitrust laws,” the spokesperson said.

“The court recognised the value of Apple’s ever-increasing innovation and commitment to privacy and security, which benefit users and developers alike.”

Epic said in its filing that apps are “under a dark cloud: contractual and technological restrictions that Apple imposes to maintain its monopoly position and restrain competition.”

“If not reversed, this decision would upend established principles of antitrust law and, as the district court itself recognised, undermine sound antitrust policy,” the filing claims.

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