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EBook In For The Release Of Kindle’s New Paperwhite Range

We tipped you off on Tuesday that Amazon had new Kindle devices on the way. Since then, more information has come to light.

It’s been a while between Kindle action from Amazon. To make up for it they’ve upped the screen size on the new Paperwhite from six inches to 6.8, with a 300 ppi glare-free display.

Released October 27, there will also be adjustable light with colour-adjustment settings and a one-click dark mode so night owls can read without eye strain.

But even though the screen’s bigger, the device remains the same size as the previous Paperwhite. They simply reduced the bezels around the edges to fit it.

As for performance, the processor is 20 per cent faster. It will also charge up completely in around two hours, and the larger battery should last an average reader about 10 weeks. With 8GB of memory, will go for $239.

There’s also a Signature Edition, released November 10, with 32GB of memory and wireless charging for $289. Both are Bluetooth-enabled if you’re a fan of audio books.

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