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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Vacuum Self-Rights When Toppled

Dyson has unveiled a vacuum that self-rights when toppled, launching the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball vacuum.

Dyson states that self-righting is achieved “by assembling the vacuum’s components in a spherical array, with the heaviest nearest to the floor”.

“Placing them inside a curved body with a low centre of gravity means that whenever the vacuum is displaced, gravitational forces will automatically return it to its upright resting position,” Dyson states.

The wand – which is longer than previous Dyson vacuums, extending up to 1,250 mm – has an articulated handle that rotates in three directions, allowing 360-degree movement, while the bin is 33 per cent bigger than previous Dyson vacuums.


When emptying the bin, a silicone collar slides down the shroud, scraping off trapped dirt and debris, with there being no need to touch the dirt or reach inside the bin.

The Cinetic Big Ball vacuum is also “the only vacuum with no maintenance and no loss of suction, as there are no filters to wash or replace and no bags to buy”.

“The problem with some barrel vacuums is that they can go off on a tangent and topple, leaving you to walk back over the floor you’ve just cleaned to right the machine,” Dyson founder James Dyson commented.

“We challenged our engineers to refine the barrel format, to solve this problem and others. The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball barrel is the vacuum that self-rights when toppled. Further advances include hygienic dirt ejection and an articulated handle.”

Available now via the Dyson website and late April from retailers, the Cinetic Big Ball vacuum is priced at $699 RRP.

Further information can be found here.

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