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Online Sales Rebound

Online Sales ReboundThe NAB Retail Sales Index grew by 0.2% in May, as new figures show bricks and mortar retail fell. 

The increase comes after a small decline in April. 

‘Groceries & Liquor’ and ‘Electronic Games & Toys’ continued to grow while ‘Daily Deals’ and ‘Personal & Recreational Goods’  were stagnant in May, said Alan Oster, NAB Chief Economist. 
Internet spending totaled $15.3 billion in the past 12 months to May, equivalent to 6.6% of spending at traditional bricks & mortar stores.

Meanwhile, bricks and mortar retail fell 0.5% in May, figures from ABS released yesterday show.
Major retailer Dick Smith are aiming to treble their internet sales to 15% in the next three years. 
Compared to a year ago, the NAB online index is 5.1% higher.  
However, growth in online media spending has continued to drop, and has fallen to its lowest level in history.