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DJ David Guetta Says AI Is The Future Of Music

After using AI to add vocals in the style of Eminem to a recent song, DJ David Guetta has declared the technology as, “The future of music.”

The chart-topping French producer used two AI sites to serve up lyrics and a rap in the star’s style for a live show, though he says he won’t be releasing the track commercially.

Still, he firmly believes musicians will use AI to create new sounds in the future because “every new music style comes from a new technology”.

We already live an a world where fans don’t have to wait for a new single by Drake – they only need to go to the Drayk.it website and enter a word to get a song in the Canadian rapper’s style created by music generator Mayk.it using its GPT-3.

Guetta believes AI tech can, however, be used artistically in music. “I’m sure the future of music is in AI. For sure. There’s no doubt. But as a tool.

“Nothing is going to replace taste,” he adds. “What defines an artist is, you have a certain taste, you have a certain type of emotion you want to express, and you’re going to use all the modern instruments to do that.

“Probably there would be no rock ’n‘ roll if there was no electric guitar.

“I think really AI might define new musical styles. I believe that every new music style comes from a new technology.”

Still, Guetta maintains he created the Eminem-style vocal as a joke, but says, “It worked so good, I could not believe it.”

Eminem is yet to speak out about the situation, but Australian singer Nick Cave called lyrics created by AI in his style “a grotesque mockery”.

Either way, there’s no denying the amount of AI-generated songs going viral on TikTok.

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