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Despite Supply Issues, PS5 Sales Hit 13.3 Million For Sony

In July, Sony announced that after hitting 10 million units sold since it went on sale on November 12, 2020, the PlayStation 5 was their fastest-selling console.

Now, creeping up on its first anniversary, the company’s second-quarter fiscal report – which ended September 30 – says they had added another 3.3 million numbers to that, bringing them up to 13.3 million.

Despite serious supply issues that the company don’t expect to be able to attend to until 2022, that 3.3 million is still more than the combined number of TVs and PS4s Sony sold in the same period.

Sales of the available PS4 dropped from 500,000 in the first quarter to 200,000 in the second.

It’s unclear what that 13.3 million would have climbed to if there were no supply issues, but game sales are also booming for the company. PS5 and PS4 sold 76.4 million games last quarter, a significant rise on the 63.6 million in the first quarter.

PlayStation Plus subscribers went up from 46.3 million to 47.2 million, while PlayStation Network active users dipped from 105 million to 104 million.

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