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Denon And Marantz Gain Dirac Live Update

Owners of Denon and Marantz receivers, as well as the Marantz AV 10 preamp/processor, are set to take their audio power into another stratosphere, with the Dirac Live room correction update, following Denon parent company Masimo’s recent announcement of the new software.

See the list of eligible receivers below, and if you make the grade you can download either the limited or full bandwidth version at the Dirac online store.

So why are audiophiles so excited about this new advance? Dirac Live is a pro-grade room correction software package. It helps users get optimum performance from their loudspeaker system.

denon avr x3800h 900 360x201 Dirac Update For Denon and Marantz Receivers

While the Marantz and Denon receivers below already feature Audyssey calibration software, the new Dirac offering brings unique tweaks, such as mixed-phase controller, which allows speakers to be corrected in the time domain.

Still, while Denon and Marantz customers now have the choice between the included Audyssey  calibration software and paying for the enhanced Dirac Live upgrade, the update doesn’t include Dirac Bass Control, which can be used to calibrate multiple subwoofers.

A Masimo rep has said they plan to offer this in 2024 products.


● Denon AVR-A1H, AVC-A1H receiver

● Denon AVR-X4800H, AVC-X4800H

● Denon AVR-X3800H, AVC-X3800H

● Marantz AV 10 preamp/processor

● Marantz CINEMA 40 receiver

● Marantz CINEMA 50 receiver

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