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Desperate Attempt To Jack Up Interest In 8K As Brands Dump TVs

The 8K Association appears to be on a desperation mission to jack up interested in 8K, which appears to be heading the same way as 3D TV.

Several leading brands have dropped 8K televisions from their range this year, while little if any movies or TV series are being shot in 8K.

In an effort to get investment in 8K content, the 8K Association has announced it will participate in a number of strategic events throughout the year, including both panel discussions and technical demonstrations at the upcoming EnTech Fest and NAB Shows in the US.

Among the brands still supporting 8K is Samsung, but they appear to be alone.

During a recent review of a new 8K 2023 TV, I had to resort to YouTube and very limited 8K content some shot on a Samsung mobile to try to test 8K content.

Under the theme 8K – Leading the Way, the organisation plans to highlight the wide range of 8K content projects currently being developed, along with the number of leading Companies and creators who are driving this 8K content ecosystem. Most are small, unknown Companies.

According to its newly installed executive director Mike Fidler, β€œOne of the goals of the 8K Association is to educate and excite the trade about the wide range of 8K content initiatives that are already underway. Our participation in well-known events like EnTech Fest and NAB will enable us to bring more awareness to these projects, along with the leading executives and companies behind them.”

The 8K Association will also be sponsoring a special panel discussion titled Next Generation Video Codecs for 8K. It will highlight the most recent advances in video codecs for 8K content delivery and their key advantages over legacy video codecs, the only problem is that few retailers are set to sell 8K TVs.


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