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Deals, Deals Deals: Mwave Open Group Buys

Deals, Deals Deals: Mwave Open Group Buys
One of the largest tech etailers in Oz has gone into group deals following the likes of Groupon and Harvey Norman Best Buys.  

Mwave.com.au says it is the first e-commerce site to offer tech focused group deals in Australia. 
The deals are a mix of consumer electronics, IT products and DIY computer components, said Victor Lee Mwave.com.au CEO, who predicts consumers will be “very excited” by the offers. 

Unlike Harvey Norman Best Buys, Mwave require a minimum number of ‘commitments’ from consumers in order for the deal to go ahead, similar to Groupon. 
The first Mwave Group Deals include: 37% discount on a D-Link Wireless Cloud Router selling for $145, Samsung 32GB MicroSD card for $24, with 70% off. 
According to the site, 79 of the SD cards have been sold so far, although demand for the router is very sluggish with just one or two purchased, since the deals went live, late yesterday.  
The etailer is also looking for vendor support, saying “all supplier partners [of Mwave] would significantly benefit by its tech qualified audience” across ANZ. 
New deals will go live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, lasting for 1-5 days depending on demand and stock.
“Mwave Group Deals is no ordinary deal offer, so we want to go all out and give our customers the kind of deals they want with a launch like no other,” said Victor Lee, Mwave CEO. 

“I’m sure people who are looking for tech deals will be very excited with our Group Deals”, said Victor Lee. 
Analysts Telsyte expects the group buying revenues to hit $500 million in 2013 in Oz. 
Australians spent more than $115 million on group deals in the first quarter – a 7% drop y-o-y, but warns of the disappearance of many smaller group buying sites, as the industry matures.