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ABC Now Using Google To Buy Favouritism

ABC Now Using Google To Buy Favouritism

The national broadcaster who recently featured a known terrorist on their Q+A show has been using taxpayer dollars to outspend commercial news organisations online with the big beneficary being Google Adwords. 

Desperate to out do organisations like News Corporation and Sky News the ABC has started buying up generic news search terms on Google in a bid to increase its news audience.

The ABC’s corporate affairs team moved to back up their questionable actions by claiming that the ABC “is operating firmly within its charter, which was amended in 2013 to make clear the right of the national broadcaster to provide online services to its audiences”.

The ABC has been blamed for ?increasing advertising costs and “quarantining” audiences from rival media and their advertisers with their actions. 

Their cash for for favourable clicks stategy has seen the ABC overtake commercial operations to rank third on the list of top ?Australian news publishers, ?behind only news.com.au and smh.com.au, according to figures from audience measurement firm Nielsen. A year earlier it ranked fourth, behind Ninemsn. 

Fusion Strategy analyst Steve Allen told the Australian newspaper that the bigger the hard-to-reach ABC audience was, the more difficult it was for its commercial rivals.

“If they’re going to spend their marketing dollars and they’ve found a more effective way to boost viewing, that reflects what nearly everybody else in the market is doing,” Mr Allen said.

“But they shouldn’t be outspending (commercial media). It makes it more expensive to get to those audiences.

“The more people that go to the ABC often, the less there is for the commercial operators to garner. It’s a bad thing from a commercial point of view.