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Could LG LED Cinema Display Technology Replace Projectors?

The world’s first movie theatre powered by LG LED Cinema Display technology, rather than a projector, has opened its doors in Taiwan, at the country’s leading cinema chain Showtime Cinemas.

The LG screens at Showtime Cinemas are 14 metres wide and 7 metres high, displaying 4K images in bright, stunning detail.

“Our intent is to elevate the movie-going experience beyond what consumers have become accustomed to,” said Paik Ki-mun, Head of the Information Display Business Unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company.

“We’re confident that the advanced technologies behind LG LED Cinema Display and Dolby solutions will grow our share of the growing LED cinema market.”

Showtime Cinemas, Taiwan

LG’s technology also feature Dolby’s cinema server solution and Dolby Atmos immersive audio. This ensures that sound corresponds to actions on screen, for a lifelike viewing experience.

“With the lifelike images created by LG’s LED Cinema Display and the immersive audio delivered by Dolby Atmos, moviegoers will be able to enjoy an elevated and thoroughly captivating cinematic experience,” said Jed Harmsen, Vice President of Cinema and Content Solutions at Dolby Laboratories.

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