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Commander Takes A Hit In Latest Phone Complaint Report

CANBERRA: Vocus’s Commander outfit was the most complained-about outfit among Australian phone companies in the financial quarter ended June 30, according to the latest report by Australia’s Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

The ombudsman’s findings are relayed to selected media by the Communications Alliance, an organisation that is said to represent the comms industry, including service providers, vendors, consultants and suppliers.

Commander is an outfit whose products are mainly aimed at business market across Australia, which presumably depend heavily on good connections. Presumably, also, management will be scurrying to repair the damage before the next quarterly report is due from the TIO.

In the latest results – covering the period April to June this year, when the Covid virus was beginning to hit full swing and no doubt phone lines were running hot – Commander was rated at 20.4 complaints per 10,000 services in operation.

It was closely followed by Southern Phone on 10.8 and My Republic on 18.1.

Telstra, should you be wondering, came in at 8.6 – but the top performers included Amaysim on 0.6, Vodafone on 3.5 – and Dodo (not such a silly bird, it seems) at 5.2.

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