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PS4 Launch: In Pictures

PS4 Launch: In Pictures

Dick Smith held official launches of the PS4 at its Sydney Central stores from 9.30 pm-12.30am overnight, as gamers queued to nab in the next gen console. It goes on sale in Oz officially today for $549. 

“There has been a huge amount of excitement and anticipation around the launch of PlayStation 4,” a DS spokesperson told CN.

“We were thrilled to celebrate the occasion with hundreds of loyal customers and gaming fans at our official PS4 midnight launch last night.”

JB Hi-Fi and EB Games too opened stores at midnight, but it seems the Sony console has sold out already, including pre-sales, and gamers who have not pre-ordered will have to wait until early 2014. 

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The PS4 launch has met expectations, and retailers are “very happy”,  Ron Curry, CEO of Interactive Games & Entertainment Association told CN.”It has sold out everywhere”. 

EB Games today confirmed “no stores will be able to sell you a PS4. If you pre-order now, you’ll have to wait until 2014,” via Twitter. JB HiFi first and second shipments are already sold out, with third shipments due 2014, according to its website. 

But “its too early to tell” whether the Xbox One, launched a week ago selling 1 million in 24 hours worldwide, or PS4 , which said it sold 1.5 m in US alone, will be more successful. “Initial sales are based on supply not demand,”  says Curry.  

Sony PS4 will have an 8-core x86 processor, enhanced GPU, 8 GB of unified GDDR5 memory, and a secondary custom chip to handle social features and uploads/downloads.