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Chord Company Unveils New Powerblock For Audiophiles

For decades, to protect equipment from power surges and enhance quality, audiophiles have used power line conditioners. Chord Company has their own range, including the all-new PowerHAUS P6.

The device draws on the company’s almost 40-year expertise in wiring design, engineering, and manufacturing techniques, and was designed to reduce noise, and improve performance for home cinema, hi-fi, and CI (Custom Install) systems.

Building on from its predecessors, the PowerHAUS P6 keeps the company’s philosophy of versatility, high-level build, and proprietary ARAY noise reduction technology.

Internally, it uses heavy gauge cables, as well as high quality sockets, combined with a 16 amp input socket which meets IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards, and is suitable for demanding systems.

The technology doesn’t use serial filters, switches, and neon power indicators, as they can generate noise and compromise performance.

There’s also a solid construction that provides an optimal environment for the internal circuitry.

Additionally, the company has minimised interaction between internal live, neutral, and earth cables, in an attempt to maintain a clean earth supply, where possible.

The PowerHAUS P6 comes with a standard, straight connector 16 amp IEC power cable, however, it can be upgraded with factory options, including the Clearway Power cable with right angle connectors.

See below the specifications:

  • Output Sockets: 6 (UK or Euro)
  • Input Socket: 16 amp IEC
  • Outlet ratings: 13 amp (UK) / 16 amp (EU)
  • Rated power and/or current: Max 16 A
  • Supply Voltage: 100 – 250 V
  • Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
  • Dimensions: 520mm x 112mm x 65mm

The PowerHAUS P6 is handmade is England, and costs £600. It’s available through authorised dealers.

A US version is expected, however there is no release date yet. It remains unclear if an Australian version will be released.

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