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Checkmate Apple, Un-Patchable Jailbreak Released

Following months of anticipation, an un-patchable exploit of iPhone hardware has produced the CheckRa1n Jailbreak for almost every iOS model between the A5 and A11 processor range.

The Checkra1n exploit is available now in beta version 0.9.1 for macOS only, with a Windows version expected in the official release.

Currently, the exploit supports almost every iOS model between the 5s and iPhone X, with exceptions given to the iPad Air 2, iPad (5th generation), and iPad Pro (1st generation).

Discovered by Luca Todesco, the Jailbreak uses an exploit called Checkm8 created by software developer axi0mX, which employs a BootROM vulnerability to give users access to the iOS devices.

Unlike previous Jailbreak solutions like UnC0Ver and Chimera, the CheckM8 exploits the physical hardware of the device, thus preventing Apple from applying a future software patch to fix it as has been done to previous Jailbreak options.

However, this requires continual maintenance from the Checkra1n team for as long as Apple releases software updates for supported devices, which according to Todesco is a certainty.

On stage at POC2019 in Seoul, South Korea, Todesco revealed the identities and plans of the Checkra1n team, titling his keynote presentation “The One Weird Trick SecureROM Hates”.

As reported by idownloadblog, the team doesn’t want to stop at just Jailbreak solutions, hinting at the possibility of allowing dual-operating system booting on iPhones, or even porting Linux to the Apple device.

While the plan was to release the exploit on Friday at POC2019, Todesco tweeted out that the software had been delayed due to last-minute fixes.

What’s more, is as of its Beta release 7 hours ago an update has already been rolled out bringing the software to version 0.9.1.

It is recommended for those wishing to try out the Jailbreak that you do not use a primary device as, given its current beta status, a number of bugs and errors may be present.

We recommend any current or burgeoning jailbreakers wait until its official release, due sometime around Christmas.

It’s also worth noting that Checkra1n is a semi-tethered jailbreak tool which requires a computer to be connected every time a user wants to run the exploit.

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