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CES 2021: Lenovo Backs Up Gaming Laptops With Headset, Charging Stand

Lenovo’s new line of gaming notebooks, announced at CES, has been accompanied by a new headset and charging stand.

Released under the LEGION branding, the S600 Gaming Station and H600 Wireless Gaming Headset are designed to work together, with the 919-gram S600 featuring hang-to-charge technology plus a Qi-enabled base for smartphones and gaming mice, as well as two USB-A pass-through ports.

The H600 headset itself is billed as providing tournament-grade audio with 50mm audio drivers and a unidirectional noise-cancelling flip-to-mute microphone; it also includes a 2.4GHz lossless wireless receiver with receiving distance of up to two metres and less than 35 milliseconds latency.

“Carefully tuned for optimal clamping force and angle, the headband stretches and retracts to fit your head nicely and remain flat around your neck during breaks. The angle-adjustable earcups are made from memory foam and covered in a breathable cloth for ultimate gaming comfort,” said Lenovo.

Local pricing and availability have yet to be confirmed.

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