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CES 2020: Samsung Unveils Award Winning Lifestyle TV

In Las Vegas, Nevada, Samsung Electronics has unveiled its latest lifestyle TV, claiming the ‘Best of Innovation’ winning title at CES 2020.

Building on years of lifestyle television ‘pioneering’, Samsung’s latest TV – The Sero, which means ‘verticle’ in Korean – is said to ‘completely [break] the traditional concept of what a TV can offer.’

‘Consumers use screens every day to work from home, exercise from home, and even shop from home,’ said Jong-hee Han, President of Visual Displays at Samsung Electronics.

‘As our lifestyles continue to evolve, the TV screen is evolving with them to provide consumers access to their favorite content and real-time information whenever and wherever they want it.

‘As part of our vision of “Screens Everywhere,” we’re thrilled to deliver a more vivid and connected at-home viewing experience by incorporating AI-enabled features and 8K technology into our displays,’ he said.

Focusing on attracting millennial and Gen Z customers, The Sero offers a content-specific variety of features – including social media, YouTube and other personal videos, in display settings that mirror their mobile devices.

The Sero Range

The Sero’s other new features include home connectivity and customisable formats, allowing owners to choose either a landscape or portrait view and an ability to connect to mobile devices for shared viewing.

It also won the ‘Best of Innovation’ category at CES 2020, for its superior displays and new approach to home entertainment technology that meets the demands of a growing mobile viewing audience.

Following The Sero’s rollout in South Korea last year, Samsung intends to expand its availability to several global markets this year.

Samsung Lifestyle TV The Sero

CES 2020

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