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Samsung Launch First-Of-Its-Kind 8K Certification Program

Samsung Electronics has announced a partnership with the 8K Association (8KA) to establish a first-of-its-kind certification program designed to distinguish 8K-enabled TVs and other devices.

The 8KA Certification Program aims to distinguish TVs featuring four times as many pixels as the standard 4K TVs for clarity, contrast and colour and high dynamic range (HDR) performance.

Among the features tested include display resolution reaching 7680×4320, peak brightness greater than 600 nits, image transmission of HDMI2.1 and high efficiency video codec (HVEC).

The partnership marks another milestone for Samsung’s QLED 8K, as it will be among the first TVs to be certified by the 8KA next year, bearing the new certification logo.

“We are proud to be one of the founding members of the 8K Association and to have our new lineup of QLED 8K TVs certified by the program,” said Hyogun Lee, executive vice-president of Visual Display at Samsung.

“Our goal is to provide consumers with the ability to easily identify premium 8K displays from other devices when making purchasing decisions. Home entertainment and TVs are important investments for many of our consumers, and we hope that the 8KA Certification Logo will help guide them.”

Member companies like Samsung will be able to promote 8K certified TVs after they are validated by the 8KA. The 8KA also plans to increase education programming efforts this year across many different industries in order to promote member participation, innovation and content development within the 8K ecosystem.

In addition to expansion across different industries, the 8KA plans to spread promotional activities for the 8K industry through demos, showcasing the advanced technological development of 8K-enabled products, production workflow, delivery options and display devices.

The programs and initiatives will showcase how consumers can engage with 8K content, the ecosystem and its standards.

The 8KA anticipates further adoption of 8K content creation, distribution and home adoption, similar to the evolution of 4K standards adoption and consumer purchase cycle over the past several years.

To date, partner companies and organisations have all joined the 8K Association – further broadening the membership to more than 22 companies.

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