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Its On: ‘FreeviewPlus’ Internet TV Hits 2014

Its On: ‘FreeviewPlus’ Internet TV Hits 2014
  Its On: Freeview to turn on to the ‘most advanced free-to-air EPG service’ ever in Australia early 2014, with catch up content hitting TV screens and electronic program guides, for the first time.

The HBB TV (hyrid broadcast broadband tv) technology combines internet and broadcast tv, already rolled out in Europe, a Freeview spokesperson told CN.  
All you need is an internet connection to watch catch up TV from the likes of SBS on demand, Seven plus, ABCiView, and you don’t need a ‘Smart’ or Internet connected TV. 
The news comes as Sydney and Melbourne prepare to turn off analog transmission completely next month. 
Freeview says ‘Plus’ is one of the most important developments in its five year history, and will launch in the first half of 2014. FreeviewPlus is one of the worlds first services to combine free-to-air broadcast TV with broadband.
14 million watch live Free to air networks like Seven and Nine but 1 in 4 are now watching catch up TV said Liz Ross, General Manager of Freeview.
“Catch up TV will be part of a new range of services Freeview and the free-to-air networks will introduce next year.”
hbb tchnology lets TV networks offer cool services like video on demand (VoD), interactive ads,voting, games, Facebook, Twitter,  digital text and personalisation. 
The new FreeviewPlus will also offer a more user-friendly Electronic Program Guide, billed as “one of the most sophisticated free-to-air TV services in the world”. 
“FreeviewPlus will be an unparalleled TV experience,” Ross said.