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CBA Albert EFTPOS Outage Continues To Cost Businesses Sales

Several local businesses have continued to lose sales and customers, following an outage of Commonwealth Bank’s Albert EFTPOS terminals. First acknowledged by the bank on Sunday night, some businesses are yet to find a resolution, and have taken to social media to express their outrage.

Businesses have been directed to CBA’s Merchant Support Team, however, have become increasingly frustrated following a “high volume of calls” and wait times over an hour.

As at 11am today, some businesses are still posting to Commonwealth Bank’s Facebook page, affirming they are yet to find a fix for their terminals.

In the midst of the outage, some vendors claim Commonwealth Bank’s support line even “stopped accepting calls”.

As a remedy for lost sales, some vendors are seeking to obtain compensation, and have their monthly fees waived.

Commonwealth Bank’s Albert EFTPOS terminal is a 7-inch tablet device which is based on an Android set-up. Merchant fees start at $60/per month, however, vary based on the amount of transactions.

Posting to its Twitter page on Sunday night, CBA informed businesses that merchant terminal services were restored, however, has since acknowledged some vendors are experiencing difficulties.

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