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Canva Finds New Home On iPad

Highly successful Australian design software house Canva has launched an iPhone version of its software: just the thing, it seems, for people who like to draw in impossibly small spaces.

Canva was previously available for desktop PCs and iPads, but the management believes there are thousands of iPhone users who also would like to “create graphics on the tiny screen and post them to friends or online sites.

“People were telling us it’d be a great thing to be able to put something together in 30 seconds and post it to Instagram and their mobile social networks,” founder Cameron Adams said. “Mobile is increasingly becoming the computing platform of choice – so for us to be there and give our users that choice was a no-brainer.”

The Canva for iPhone app is free to download, but in-app purchases can involve fees ranging from $2.99 to $160. An Android app is said to be in the works.

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