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Study Says Netflix Is Untapped Resource For Olympics Broadcasters

Findings by a research firm have indicated that almost a third of American audiences would watch the upcoming Rio Olympics on Netflix, if it were possible.

The study, undertaken by Snell Advanced Media, suggested that Olympic broadcasters should look to Netflix and similar streaming services expand the reach and availability of their 4K Ultra HD coverage of the event.

Netflix has been rolling out 4K Ultra HD video content on their service over the course of 2016, predominantly for their own original series. 

Recent studies pegged the amount of Netflix subscribers who had cancelled their cable as a result of Netflix at almost a third – so this could represent a valuable opportunity for Olympic broadcasters to recoup some of that audience.

Obviously, it would also be a significant win for Netflix.

The Rio Olympics are currently set to be broadcast in 4K resolution for 4K capable TVs, with some providers even offering HDR and Dolby Atmos support.

Snell Advanced Media also found that 56% of Americans planned to watch the upcoming event through cable and satellite TV. 

When asked to rank the Olympic Events they were most interested in seeing in Ultra HD, survey participants ranked the opening ceremony highest at 46%.

This was followed by the gymnastics events and closing ceremony, which both polled at 38%.