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Hello Shoppers: Apple iBeacon To Hit OZ

Hello Shoppers: Apple iBeacon To Hit OZ Beacons automatically send shoppers relevant mobile content, like special offers or promos when near a store. 

Australian retail technologists DC4G are rolling out iBeacon network across its Free Wi-Fi retail precincts, which includes Westfield and DFO. 
Consumers can customise the information they desire to receive on their smartphone – whether its tech, fashion or DIY on a  downloaded pass. 
Apple iBeacons are signal transmitters that recognize smartphones via Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) technology within a range. 
It can be very dynamic or very general, Robert Ablinger, Chief Operating Officer, DC4G told Channel News. 
Shoppers can receive an alert on a sale near a store, or skip the line at the register by checking out via touchless payments. 
“iBeacons can help retailers capitalise on the increasing significance of in-store mobile shopping, by communicating directly with consumers on their mobile devices as they shop,” said George Kaloudis CEO of DC4G.
 The company are not disclosing the shopping centre locations yet, but are kicking off the m-commerce project at a location in Queensland. 
Kaloudis likens Beacons as “a handheld customer service representative that provides relevant information at the very moment it is needed.” 
“We are deploying iBeacons in a number of innovative ways to showcase their true potential.
“Combined with other technology and Point of Sale integration iBeacons can be an extremely valuable tool for retailers and consumers on multiple levels.” 
Betta Living and Jetstar are among DC4G’s other clients.