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Bowers & Wilkins Unveil New 800 Series Diamond Range

Bowers & Wilkins have unleashed the 800 Series Diamond range, a like-for-like upgrade of its most successful and iconic range of high-end loudspeakers that has been six years in the making.

The new 800 Series Diamond range features seven new models: the two-way 805 D4 stand-mount speaker; a series of three floorstanding models (the 804 D4, 803 D4 and 802 D4); the HTM81 D4 and HTM82 D4 centre channel speakers for home theatre use, and a new flagship model, the 801 D4 which will replace the exisiting 800 D3.

“Every new model in the range combines hundreds of detail improvements plus several entirely new technologies to create the most transparent, detailed and natural-sounding series of loudspeakers Bowers & Wilkins has ever produced,” the company said in the announcement.

The new range sees a fourth cabinet finish added to the lineup: the gorgeous Satin Walnut finish (above) now joins Gloss Black, White and Satin Rosenut (below).


Every stereo model sports an upgraded cabinet design with a rigid, cast aluminium top section – replacing the previous wooden version – which will further improve cabinet quietness, with the profile finished in ‘Leather by Connolly’ in black for Black and Satin Rosenut models, and light grey for White and Satin Walnut.

The Solid Body Tweeter-on-Top housing features an elongated tube-loading system to highlight higher frequencies while eliminating unwanted resonance.

803 D4, 802 D4 and 801 D4 include the all-aluminium Turbine Head enclosure for their midrange drive units, while the HTM81 D4 and HTM82 D4 features an internal aluminium enclosure inside their cabinets to provide well-isolated housing for the midrange drive unit and its decoupling mechanism.

The new 800 Series Diamond is available globally from September 1.