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B&O Go Back To The Future To Recreate A True Classic

For the 50-year anniversary of their Beogram 4000 Series turntables, Danish audio kings Bang & Olufsen are celebrating with a limited edition run of 30 new systems called the Beosystem 72-22.

Part of their Recreated Classics initiative, a  celebration of “long-lasting luxury through hand-crafted, circular manufacturing,” the unit is a fully integrated music system, which comprises a recreated version of the original turntable, as well as matching styled Beolab 18 stereo speakers and a Beoremote Halo remote control.

This is all connected through a central hub packaged in a wood walnut gift box, which can then be used as a turntable stand, vinyl cabinet and Halo charging station.

With looks to kill, audio content can also stream wirelessly through the speakers via the hub for when getting up to turn over your vinyl seems a chore.

This is in keeping with the aim of the Recreated Classics initiative, to overcome obsolescence and increase the longevity of products, in this case, connecting a 50-year-old idea with modern technology.

Sadly, the 30 of them are only available in the US and Canada, in B&O stores. Oh, and one will set you back $65,196. Still, what’s a bit of cash for a true collector’s item?

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