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Bluetooth Devices Soon To Hit Peak

Bluetooth devices have seen rapid growth over the past few years with the introduction of wearables, a wider range of smartphones and audio devices. According to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), Bluetooth-enabled devices are on a path to hit a peak annual shipment of seven billion by 2026.

The wider incorporation of Bluetooth in everyday activities such as in headphones and audio, smart home devices, smartphones, wearables and fitness devices and automobiles mean a growing number of people are becoming dependent on Bluetooth and Bluetooth enabled devices.

2020 saw a decline in demand for Bluetooth devices thanks to COVID-19 lockdowns and less people finding the need to leave the house and use their wearables. However, a recovery in 2021 has analysts at the Bluetooth SIG expecting accelerated growth in 2022 onwards.

Mark Powell, CEO of the Bluetooth SIG say that continuous advancement of Bluetooth capabilities and innovative technology has helped to “shape new market trends.”

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“The forecasts in the 2022 Bluetooth Market Update reflect the tireless work of the many Bluetooth SIG members who are developing innovations that create a more connected world.”

Devices that use Bluetooth Low Energy Audio (LE) have seen some of the biggest growth, as the demand for high quality sound via convenient Bluetooth delivery soars. Bluetooth-enabled earbuds are set to make up two thirds of all wireless headsets in 2026, with shipments for the year reaching 619 million. The advancement of LE audio is also set to allow for smart hearing aids and other technologies to develop.

The Bluetooth SIG also expect that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices such as VR headsets will see massive growth, with an expected rise of 51% between now and 2026 for VR headsets, and 68% for AR units. This plays into the change in how businesses operate with the introduction of the metaverse, as more and more will soon depend on an online world.

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