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Bluetooth Arrives On In-Flight Entertainment Systems

United Airlines has placed an order for 270 new Airbus and Boeing planes with wi-fi and Bluetooth-enabled in-flight entertainment systems.

The American carrier will fly the Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 10, and Airbus A321neo aircraft, which come with an overhauled seatback entertainment system that features both wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

This means passengers, instead of having to use the provided earbuds or bring a Bluetooth to airline adaptor, will be able to connect their own Bluetooth devices such as headphones to the system and access streaming services like Spotify mid-flight.

Andrew Nocella, United’s EVP and Chief Commercial Officer, said the systems would enhance passengers’ in-flight experience.

“Our new, signature interior creates a more consistent product across our mainline fleet – with a focus on the amenities that customers value most like seat back screens, fast wi-fi and extra storage – to further set ourselves apart,” he said.

Air New Zealand already has A321neo aircraft with Bluetooth-enabled entertainment systems, while Australian carriers Qantas and Virgin are set to order the Boeing and Airbus planes.

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