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BlueAnt On A Roll Overseas Retailers Flock To New Product

Australian audio Company BlueAnt is on a roll, sales are booming at Telstra stores, and a new product shown to global retailers at the recent Hong Kong Fair, has global retailers excited with some of the biggest in the world clamouring to get access to the secret product that is set to be revealed for the first time at CES 2024.

ChannelNews has seen the new audio ‘Blade’ product, and it is pretty cool, but more importantly it’s a brand-new audio product that is going to excite consumers working from home or the office and better audio quality from their monitor or notebook.

According to Taisen Maddern the CEO and founder of BlueAnt demand for their new product among overseas retailers is “Off the Richter Scale.”

“We showed the product to one retailer in Hong Kong, and he immediately wanted it for a retail chain of over 900 stores”, this is why we have delayed the launch because we need to have in place the ability to service global demand for our products.

When it comes to global success Maddern has been there before with his former Bluetooth offering sold around the world by major retailers.

Recently Telstra stores saw a lift in demand for BluAnt products after the roll out of a major billboard campaign in key locations around Australia.

“The campaign for a new portable speaker range and party speakers is delivering traffic to stores where our products are sold” said Maddern who is working with outdoor Company QMS.

The campaign included 3D screens that project a speaker out of the screen with several of the Billboards appearing outside high traffic convenience stores.

As for the new Blade offering coming next year Maddern said “This is the best product I have manufactured in 25 years and retailer love it”.

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