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New Electrolux Branding + Logo

New Electrolux Branding + Logo

The Swedish Company said that the refresh was prompted by a dramatically changing digital and retail landscape.

Chief marketing officer MaryKay Kopf claims that the new design stands out from the crowd with more stopping power, and sets new distinctive standards for imagery and colors, she noted. 

“A visual identity is much more than a change of logo and color palette,” Kopf said. “It represents a new sense of Electrolux as a brand, what we and our products and services stand for and how we want to be perceived.” Central to the update is an enhanced Electrolux symbol, which first appeared in 1962. “With such a distinctive symbol at the forefront, it communicates ‘modern’ and ‘innovative’ while maintaining the associations of trust and quality that consumers have come to expect from our brand,” she added. 

Together, “the new visual identity will build greater recognition by engaging people in a positive and emotional way – helping to inspire them, identify key benefits and find what they are looking for,” Kopf said. The refresh will be rolled out in phases starting today, and will eventually appear in stores, online, on packaging and through mobile devices.