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Google To Launch ‘TV Box’ Today

Google To Launch The box will stream internet content to TV and is “powered by Google’s new Android TV software designed to play movies, games and other content on television,” according to the report

The move is a bid to match arch rival Apple TV, which is growing in popularity as internet TV becomes more pervasive in the home. 
Google TV box will be unwrapped at its developer conference Wednesday in the US, and is tipped to be similar to Amazon’s Fire TV and Apple’s TV box, sources say. 
Apple, too, are believed to be launching a new TV product later this year, although this is still speculation.
Google is looking to capitalise on the runaway success of the Android ecosystem, as TV is the next battle frontier for the tech giants,  jostling for viewers attention in the IPTV age. 
Android TV can be found on Hisense’s new line of ‘Vision’ TVs in Australia.
Google Chromecast TV dongle which recently went on sale in Oz for $49, which mirrors mobile content to a big screen, is also likely to have massive success here.