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Fetch TV Launch New Content Offering

Fetch TV Launch New Content Offering

Syfy is the destination for imagination-based entertainment, including the very best in new and classic science fiction and fantasy programming. 

Syfy broadcasts numerous fan favourites including Stargate SG-1, Torchwood, Primeval, classic and new Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Sanctuary, Ghost Hunters International, Orphan Black and Eureka.

Syfy is also the only channel where sci-fi and fantasy fans will see the Australian premieres of Warehouse 13: The Final Season tonight (15th April), Continuum Series 3 on Monday 5 May, Defiance Season 2 on Friday 20 June and the sequel to the global movie phenomenon Sharknado on Thursday 31 July.

Scott Lorson, CEO Fetch TV, said “Fetch TV is very excited to announce the addition of Syfy to our ever expanding line up of leading channels.   We received an unprecedented number of requests to add the Syfy channel, and are delighted to accommodate at no additional costs to our subscribers. We are also pleased to expand our growing partnership with NBCUniversal which now includes E!, Style, CNBC and Syfy.”