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Beyerdynamic Bringing New DT PRO Headphones To IFA

German audio manufacturer Beyerdynamic have chosen next month’s IFA conference in Berlin as a stage to debut their new DT 1990 PRO headphones.

They claim it’ll be ready and able to deliver “absolute precision with reproducible results, whether in the studio or for personal use.”

Aimed at audiophiles working in studio environments, the new over-the-ear, open-back DT 1990 PRO headphone will leverage Tesla technology to both reduce distortion and improve efficiency when it comes to sound leakage.

They promise that memory foam laden ear pads will make the DT 1990 PRO a “virtually unrivaled fit” that “can also be tuned thanks to replaceable ear pads, as two variants are supplied with the headphones.”

“One favors neutral, analytical sound, while the other tends towards a warmer tuning with more bass.”

The headphones are expected to be available come September with an MSRP of $599.