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Bend Me, Shake Me: New Samsung Trend Emerges

Flexible devices may be the next big thing as Samsung files a design patent for a foldable tablet.

The device features three folding segments, including an integrated keyboard and kickstand. No details are given on how the tablet would actually function, but presumably it could be completely folded down to allow for a more compact display.

In its current configuration, the keyboard would be folded over part of the display when needed, but Samsung does not reveal how it would lock in or work in any practical way.


Design patents do not include any details of components or materials used, however it provides some insight into what products are on their way in the future.

Samsung has previously filed for patents featuring tablets and smartphones in two foldable segments, with the device being opened similar to a book.

A new battery unit has also been revealed by Panasonic that is able to bend and twist while retaining almost all of its charge.

However this technology will need to mature further before it can be used in smartphones and tablets, as they offer a maximum capacity of just 60mAh, compared to the 1,960 mAh battery of the iPhone 7 and 3500 mAh battery of the Galaxy Note 7.

Panasonic suggests potential applications for the batteries could include “card devices, devices attached to the human body, smart clothing, wristband wearable devices.”