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Being Hungry For A New IPhone 13 Doesn’t Mean You Actually Have To Go Hungry

It’s easy to get excited about a shiny new Apple release like the iPhone 13 line. What can be harder is working it into your budget. But there are ways.

When buying a new 13 outright will set you back between $1199 and $2719, always look at the options the telcos have to pay monthly along with your usage.

Depending on who you roll with, and how much data you need, you’re still up for between $70 and $200 a month, depending on if you decide to pay through two or three years.

With the ongoing rise in streaming media through your phone – hello Zoom calls and upcoming cricket season – the new plans are looking at higher data amounts.

Telstra and Optus are cutting fees on their bigger plans for the first year to attract the data hungry. If that’s you, don’t forget Vodaphone have unleashed unlimited full speed data. So here are some deals to consider…

The Vodaphone unlimited plan on a 128GB 13 is $121 a month over two years.

With Telstra on the same phone and a 180GB plan you’re up for $121 a month for 12 months. Optus is the same price and same phone on a 500GB plan. Both rise to $171 a month in the second year.

All three telcos also have 36-month plans that work out cheaper. That’s why it’s always in your interest to shop around for the deal that suits best. Plus, there’s the ever-growing range of awesome, less costly smartphones hitting the market from other companies…

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