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Australian Streaming Market Due For A Shakeup?

Australian Streaming Market Due For A Shakeup?

The local streaming market, currently dominated by Stan and Netflix, may be on-track for a shakeup with US player MatrixStream understood to be in discussions with Australian service providers to help them bring new OTT streaming services to market.

Whether this move means that existing players are looking to overhaul and improve their services or that carriers like Telstra are looking to strike out on their own in the streaming space is as of yet unknown.

In the past and overseas markets, Matrix has partnered with local telcos like India’s Airtel to launch streaming services powered by its patented MatrixCast technology.

The company says that MatrixCast provides a low-bandwidth, high quality streaming solution designed for rapid deployment and growth within established markets.

MatrixStream-powered platforms are intended to offer company’s a complete end to end IPTV Platform that can be efficiently deployed within a sixty day period.

ChannelNews spoke to MatrixStream’s Aaron Keogh who told us that “the major issues that come from service providers who launch and re-launch private IP Network and OTT IPTV services because they continue to select IPTV platforms that have many technical issues that complicate, creates under performing subscriber numbers, wastes  Billions of USD in ineffective spending, and stagnates the industry as a whole.”

He even mentions that MatrixStream-powered streaming platforms boast “a much lower carbon footprint than our competition and is a better overall product for reducing CO2 emissions.”

Who knows, maybe “Green-Streaming” will provide a fresh new alternative for customers unhappy with those the market currently offers.

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