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Aust Lags In World Tech Ranking

The rollout of the NBN seems to have been scuppered as a major issue by both camps of Australia’s major parties during last week’s election.

But the rollout so far doesn’t seem to be impressing overseas observers. For instance, Australia’s “networked readiness” rating has slipped from 16th to 18th place, according to the World Economic Forum’s technology report for 2016 – and it’s even more dramatically down from its position of ninth in 2004.

Australian Industry Group chief Innes Willox said Australia’s performance is “woefully inadequate” and all sides of politics need to improve their digital readiness.

Willox said Singapore, northern Europe and the US dominate the rankings as businesses embrace new digital technologies and innovations as core parts of their operations. “Even Iceland and New Zealand have edged ahead of Australia in the past year,” he said.

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