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Aussies Ready To Work And Play In The Metaverse

Over nine million Aussies are interested in how the metaverse will change the ways in which they work and play, despite only 21 per cent being aware of what the concept entails.

The Telsyte Australian Digital Consumer Study 2022 found one in three workers would be willing to use the metaverse for work, with 24 per cent of people who work from home believing it will factor into the future of work.

Despite the deep concern over social network giants becoming more and more involved in our lives, Aussies believe that metaverses developed by private companies, “are more likely to provide the support, security and compliance required by workplace collaboration applications.”

Although 27 per cent are interested in buying a VR headset, the weight and comfort of such a headset is concerning to 60 per cent of people.

“Lighter and easier to use headsets are needed before widespread adoption of the metaverse occurs,” Telsyte Managing Director, Foad Fadaghi says.

The majority of Aussies (54 per cent) fear the metaverse may have ” negative health, development, mental consequences for those under 18″, while 44 per cent fear it will reduce real life interactions.

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