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Asus Apologise Over Service & Warranty Furore

Following our story last week about Asus and their poor service and warranty parts issues the Taiwanese PC business has issued an apology for what they are describing as the “confusion and frustration” faced by customers.

See story here.

The issue blew up when Gamers Nexus published a video titled “Asus Scammed Us after an Asus product was returned to the Company for repair.

Asus claimed that the device had a damaged chassis when in reality it was a dent so small that a microscope was required to see it.

Following an investigation the business claims that they have identified “some gaps in their RMA communication process,”.

The Company statement said, “We want to assure our customers that any repairs covered under the manufacturer’s limited warranty have always been and will continue to be free of charge It is never the intent of ASUS to charge any customers a fee that does not directly address the device malfunctions they are experiencing,” the statement adds.

“We now recognize that the current process and the language used does not adequately convey this information. We are working diligently to make changes in the best interest of our customers.”

The changes include revising the repair pricing structure for out-of-warranty products, including a review process for abnormal pricing.

Effective immediately the Company will no longer automatically offer repair quotations for cosmetic imperfections unless they affect the device’s functionality or are specifically asked for by the customer.

This was not the first time that Asus has faced problems over their warranty programs.

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