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Are Consumers Being “Ripped Off” By Google Home

In Australia Google Home, which has extremely limited devices that connect with the recently launched home speaker, is selling for $199, in the US, giant retailer Lowes is selling the same device for US$84, (A$105) which is $94 less than the exact same device being sold at Harvey Norman.

Shortly Amazon will launch their Echo in Australia, which has the lion’s share of the US market, it’s also far superior to the Google offering claims experts, it appears that the Google offering can’t quite boast the same skillset than the cheaper Amazon Echo, it also delivers superior sound than the Google Home offering said several reviewers.

In the US Google was offering the same device for $109, now they are moving to discount the device out due to poor sales for the Google Cast-enabled speaker, with the power of Google Assistant.

The problem with the Google Home device in Australia is that most products that are Google Assist enabled have not been launched in Australia due to there being no Google speaker being sold at retail stores.

Shortly Google is scheduled to deliver voice calling and proactive notifications, plus support for Spotify and Bluetooth streaming as part of forthcoming updates.

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